Destrezania started many year ago as an idea, when, as historical fencing practitioners, we didn’t have many choices for the right training equipment, nor the right tools to understand and develop this activity that was our passion.


This idea crystallized in a small shop in which, with a few hand tools, we started this journey of learning and growth. Our aim was to be able to offer the perfect tools to understand La Verdadera Destreza. That is what gave name to our idea “Destrezania: crafts for Destreza” which in Spanish has a nice ring to it.

The success that this idea and our approach was what gave us the push to dig deeper in this line of work: Study the original pieces kept in museums to be able to condense its essence in a modern simulator that can help us improve our practice.

Following this line of work, all our swords are the result of a very strict design process starting at a original piece which we measure, weight, document and study until we can a first working prototype which contains the essence of the original piece. With this we mean that it moves, weights and handle as the original piece. This first prototype is thoroughly tested in the salle and the results are implemented in the following versions until we have a perfect simulator for the demanding conditions it will have to put up with in a modern day fencing salle.

Once we are satisfied with all the tests, and before we present it to the public, we show it to expert fencers and renowned maestri with whom comments and suggestions we finally get the definitive version that the public gets to see.



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All this process perfectly shows our idea of continuous learning and development so we can offer better equipment everytime to the modern fencers that trust us.